Freediving Lung Barotraumas with Andrew Babbage

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Freediving Lung Barotraumas with Andrew Babbage

Freediving Lung Barotraumas with Andrew Babbage


  • “Baro-Aspida” highlights important topics on lung barotraumas
  • Learn what a lung barotrauma (or lung squeeze) is and isn’t
  • How and why lung squeezes occur in freediving
  • Learn how to reduce the likelihood of squeezing
  • Modify your training program for safer and healthier dives
  • Read our quick takeaways to get the fast facts of the book

Deep freediving, much like high-altitude alpinism was 100 years ago, is pioneering what the limits of human physiology are. If you’re a deep freediver, you’re one of the subjects in an experiment for knowledge on freediving lung barotraumas.

Andrew’s book sheds a bright light on the subject of lung squeezes. I highly recommend any deep freediver, reaching depths below Residual Volume (RV), read his e-book.

Reading time: 9 minutes

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