FreeXperience Belt Lanyard

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FreeXperience Freediving Belt Lanyard

FreeXperience is the choice by many competitive freedivers diving well below 100 meters

FreeXperience’s freediving belt lanyard is unmatched in quality and comfort for Constant No Fins (CNF) discipline in freediving. FreeXperience is one the few manufacturers that tests their products regularly. The only freediving belt lanyard that is fully modular.


  • You can switch out different types of carabiners (aluminium or steel).
  • Change the swivels and length of the lanyard.
  • Fully customize your most important piece of safety equipment in freediving.
  • In other words, you only need to buy one model.
  • We've been using FreeXperience's equipment for years.
  • The only name we trust in competitions and deep freediving training.

  • Freedive Wire’s Recommendation

  • Different carabiners are available; aluminum or steel.
  • A steel carabiner is heavier, and will sink faster. If you'd like the carabiner to freefall in front of you; go with steel.
  • An aluminum carabiner is lighter, and will sink slower. If you'd like the carabiner to freefall behind you; go with aluminum.
  • Different belt sizes are available: medium, large or x-large. Consider your size and the thickness of the wetsuit you will dive with.

  • Specifications

  • Available in neon green colour for high visbility
  • Modular components allow you to customize your lanyard
  • Change between aluminum or steel carabiner
  • Double swivel on each end to limit entanglements
  • Fully rated sport climbing “D-shaped” carabiners
  • Materials lab tested for strength and durability
  • Easy to wear belt strap with quick release for safety
  • Comes with a 90cm (35") lanyard cable
  • Belt strap comes in three sizes:
    1. Medium (75 - 85cm)
    2. Large (85 - 95cm)
    3. X-Large (95 - 105cm)