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ORCA FREE Freediving Wetsuit (Men's)

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ORCA FREE Freediving Wetsuit


  • A build-in inner gasket prevents water entry and efficiently seals the suit.
  • High quality Yamamoto 39 combined with infinity skin lining for extra flexibility.
  • Compression construction on the legs and arms to improve performance.
  • Super Sleek SCS material for improved hydrodynamic properties in the water.
  • Drainage holes at the bottom of the zipper to release excess water.
  • Comes with gloves for putting the wetsuit on and removing it easily.
  • Available in two colors and styles: silver or blue. 

  • The Orca FREE freediving wetsuit is designed by William Trubridge. He's a 18 time world record holder in freediving. This wetsuit has the highest levels of performance in mind.


  • Smooth Skin Composite (SCS) on the outside for maximum hydrodynamic performance and glide.
  • The ORCA FREE wetsuit is ideal for competitions or training.
  • The interior is lined with super-flexible lycra.