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Sphyrna Mokarran Wood Speargun

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Sphyrna Mokarran Wood Speargun

With triple inverted bands designed to minimize recoil, you have the power of a blue water gun with the ease and agility of a shorter reef speargun. 


  • The Sphyrna Mokarran is an inverted roller gun, and therefore it has minimal recoil.
  • The spear flies forward, but the bands pull backwards, counteracting the recoil.
  • The shaft will fly straighter and truer than on normal spearguns.
  • You will feel also less punch in your wrist.
  • The reduction of recoil movement upon release decreases significantly the angle offset of the spear from its intended trajectory.
  • The handle is slightly offset from the butt for improved aim.
  • The advantage of the Teak shaft has to do with the density and engineering characteristics of the wood.
  • Teak is a very dense wood, up to 980 kg per cu. meter.
  • Note our spearguns do not come with a reel installed for this at this present time.
  • The triple band has shot easily through 30" inches of high density styrofoam during our tests. It would very likely make a hole through your car door. In fact, we had to adjust and downgrade the diameter of the bands since is was far too much punch per load.

    Freedive Wire's Recommendation

  • You can choose the level of power with three inverted rubber bands
  • Consider the environment and type of fish you will be spearing
  • Consider your experience and strength when considering the number of bands
  • Please be an experienced freediver before starting off spearfishing activities
  • Don't ever spearfish by yourself and train to use your gear beforehand

  • Specifications

    Read the ridiculously detailed specifications we provide to our clients here! You won't regret knowing all the facts and then buying knowing you chose the right speargun!